Meet Nick Peyronneau

I was born in France, I grew up in a bucolic country side and was schooled in an ancient military academy that defined my character. As a child my role models were my grandfather, Alain Delon and Steve McQueen.

Fashion came late I my life, unexpectedly, but it felt like coming home. When I opened that door I knew it was my life calling.

You can’t choose your passion, it chooses you. It chose me in Los Angeles in 2011 when my friend and mentor Roye invited me to go to Italy and develop the design arm of his handbag manufacturing group.

I knew it would be tough being an entrepreneur in Italy while still keeping foot in the US. Despite the great food and culture, things are slow and complicated there, yet 6 years later after creating success with a local team in the city of Bergamo I came to cherish, I naturally stepped into creating our own brand.

I’m offering you the fruit of many people’s efforts. We’ve been designing and making bags for the who’s who of brands in Europe and US, and now it’s time to show the world that we are a new force with a mission.

Too often fashion aims at selling an untouchable status, women are put under unrealistic obligations. We’re simply people who want to engage with others, our brand has the best quality product you can find, and we bring it to you ourselves.

I believe in looking inside instead of conforming, I believe in slowing down to listen to nature, the voice of seasons inside you.

EVVE represents fully my life purpose: EVVE is much more than evanescent fashion, it’s the expression of real people, it’s our state of mind.


Nick Peyronneau

Founder & CEO