About Us

*A Dream of Evve*

On a warm afternoon in early May 2016, as I strolled through our Italian showroom looking at our collections, a soft breeze flowed into the room from the park across the way and struck me like the gentle slap of a velvet glove. I had an epiphany in that moment. A sense of clarity and vision filled me with purpose.

I gathered all of our designers around a table, sat them down, and shared with them my vision. This of course was only the beginning. From there on my team and I worked unceasingly to manifest the dream we now all shared – the dream of Evve.

*The Evve-olution of Our Brand*

Evve has always been about more than products. We don’t just sell handbags. We are a state of mind.

In today’s quickly evolving climate, the notion of what it means to be a woman is constantly changing, shifting, and being re-defined in often-contradictory ways by various parties.

We aren’t interested in definitions or labels. We wanted to create a brand that inspires women not to care either. We want women to be who they are, not who other’s tell them to be. You don’t need to compete against others to feel happiness. Look within yourself and discover your true self.

That’s what our slogan, Revveal Your Nature, is all about – freedom and authenticity.

Shine your light and you’ll never lose yourself in darkness.

Be the light. Be free. Be Evve.