7 Vegan Handbags that Make You Look Good and Feel Good

Choosing vegan products is about choosing a lifestyle of compassion. It’s about making good choices for yourself and the environment. It’s about taking a stand against cruelty and the exploitation of animals. 

Veganism isn’t an easy decision. It’s one that you have to make every day of your life when it comes to what you eat, purchase, and use on a daily basis. Those decisions even concern the types of handbags you buy.

Will you be purchasing a leather handbag or a vegan handbag? 

Here are seven reasons to choose seven incredible vegan handbags.

1. Animal Life

You might love the look of a leather handbag, but when you choose leather, you’re choosing a product that has been made using animal skin. 

This requires the death of an animal to give you a handbag.

And that’s not the only animal by-product that you’ll have to deal with if you don’t purchase a vegan handbag. There are also many extracts that go into leather including things like beeswax or uric acid extracted from cows. 

On the other hand, our Caracas Shoulder Bag is completely vegan. This means that no animals were killed or harmed in its design. You can feel great about saving lives. 

vegan handbag

2. Environmental Health 

The leather industry is incredibly toxic to the environment.

It takes an enormous amount of chemicals to make leather wearable, long-lasting, and beautiful. That’s why the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists tanneries as one of the top polluting industries in need of an overhaul. 

By choosing our Detroit Tote, you’re choosing a vegan handbag that doesn’t negatively impact the environment.

Chemicals such as formaldehyde, tar, and cyanide are not needed to create gorgeous and supple vegan leather. This means you can use our bag every day with a clear conscience knowing that you’re helping the environment.

vegan handbag 

3. Cruelty-Free

When you choose vegan, you’re not just choosing to save an animal’s life, you’re also choosing to respect animals in every way. This means causing no harm. Vegan products don’t just avoid killing animals; they’re also never tested on animals. This means that they’re 100% cruelty-free. 

When you purchase our Quito Satchel, you don’t have to worry that mice, cows, bees, or insects were harmed in the making of the vegan handbag. In fact, you can relax knowing that your gorgeous accessory was made with love and care in mind for creatures big and small.

vegan bag 

4. Your Health

Have you ever considered the fact that when you purchase a leather bag, you’re purchasing an item that places dead skin next to your body whenever you use it?

It’s a disturbing thought.

There’s no such thing as humane leather or leather made without chemicals. This means you’re wearing a toxic product against your skin every day.

Vegan handbags like our Vilnius Crossbody can add mystique and intrigue to your look without adding those same concerns to what it’s doing to your skin. Vegan leather isn’t a by-product of a dead animal. It’s a synthetic material that offers all the same beauty of traditional leather without the additional costs for your health.

vegan bag 

5. Affordability

Too often people think that vegan handbags must be crazy expensive. Don’t you have to pay to use a process that is cruelty and chemical free? But that’s not the case at all. Many vegan products are far more inexpensive than their counterparts. 

Not only is our Brisbane Shoulder Bag made of vegan leather and an absolutely stunning accessory to any outfit; it’s not going to break your bank. Since we don’t have to worry about the entire tannery process, we can focus on the quality of our materials, so you get more “bang for your buck.”

vegan handbag 

6. Packaging

You might not realize it, but when you choose a vegan handbag, you’re not just choosing a product that has a low negative impact; you’re choosing packaging with the same goal. Most vegan brands choose their packaging carefully, using recycled materials to ensure that every part of the process from purchase through shipping is environmentally friendly.

At Evve Milano, our vegan handbags are packed and shipped in beautiful environmentally conscious containers. When you order our Washington Pouches, not only will you receive a lovely on-the-go essential, you’ll have it delivered to your front door in packaging that cares about its impact on the world.

 vegan handbag

 7. Variety 

You’ll be amazed at the variety you can find when you choose to purchase vegan handbags. From our Degas Crossbody to our Hemingway Shoulder Bag, vegan leather makes any design possible. We know you’ll love the look, feel, and endless possibilities that you’ll find when you go vegan.


Are you ready to make the switch to vegan? Start shopping Evve Milano and discover the vegan handbag difference today.

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