Ultimate Gift Guide for Your Evve Girl this Holiday Season

Evve Girls are fashionable yet practical.

They want their accessories to be high-quality and up-to-the-minute but not so trendy they are out-of-style in blink of an eye.

So what gifts do you buy for such a woman?

Obviously, the Evve handbag is the perfect gift for the fashion-loving girl on your shopping list. But why not surprise her with a little something extra? Imagine the look on her face when she opens her Evve handbag only to discover a second fashionable gift inside.

Evve handbags are so reasonably priced, you can buy two gifts without having to ask Santa for a loan.

7 Gift Ideas to Pair with an Evve Handbag

The LICHTENSTEIN Wristlet and a Long Gold Chain

Layered chains are hot this year, so your Evve girl can wear your gift with a chain she already owns… or you can give her more than just one!

If you want to make your gift even more special, give her a personalized necklace. A nameplate-necklace shows you were thinking of her and only her. Just make sure you spell her name correctly! There’s nothing worse than being a “Traci” but having it spelled “Tracey.”

The LICHTENSTEIN Wristlet is a fun gift because it is adorned with the word “Fantastic.” Is there a better way to tell your Evve girl that she is indeed fantastic? This kicky wristlet is perfect for the woman who likes to dance the night away.

The JANE Crossbody and Retro Sunglasses

Vegan handbags - JANE Crossbody

Sunglasses are a handbag staple even when it’s not summer. Evve Girls should always protect their eyes from harmful UV rays year-round.

Sunglasses are also a great way to make a stylish outfit even more stylish. Imagine Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

Cat-eye and oval lenses both have a great retro vibe, which pairs well with the vintage feel of the JANE Crossbody handbag. After receiving these two gifts, any lucky Evve Girl will want to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at Tiffany’s.

The DEGAS Crossbody and Matching Beret

Since matching accessories are a hot trend in 2017, as are berets, why not kill two hot trends with one fashion stone by giving a DEGAS Crossbody handbag and black faux leather beret?

The DEGAS Crossbody is another great Evve handbag for the Evve girl who likes a little fun with her practicality. With the word “Hello” written across the front, she’ll be the life of the party.

The DEGAS Crossbody is made of vegan leather, so pairing it with a faux leather beret makes perfect sense.

The MATISSE Satchel and Red Gloves

The MATISSE Satchel is chic yet funky. This handbag is reminiscent of the stylish puffer coats that walked many runways in New York this season.

The plain black palette of this Evve handbag perfectly balances the boldness of a red glove. Red is in this year and just a pop of color can change the look of an outfit.

Faux leather gloves would be a great gift-giving choice, but you can also give long knit gloves, fingerless gloves and tiny gloves which barely cover the hands.

The DETROIT Tote and a Faux Fur Scarf

The Evve DETROIT Tote is a stylish and edgy handbag, so an edgy scarf is an ideal accessory.

Since these scarves are made of faux fur they are available in colors not found on animals in nature. From bright to subtle, this hot trend will keep your Evve Girl warm and fashionable.

The BRAQUE Crossbody and a Statement Bracelet

The Evve BRAQUE Crossbody effortlessly goes from day to night, but your Evve Girl doesn’t want the rest of her outfit to look like she’s been at the office all day. A statement bracelet will help dress-up whatever she wears on Casual Friday.

Wearing a bracelet over a shirt or jacket is very trendy this year, so buy a large bracelet instead of something delicate. Glitter and large gemstones are so very 2017.

The BOTTICELLI Tote and Tassel Earrings

Vegan handbags - BOTTICELLI Tote

The BOTTICELLI Tote is an Evve handbag with an ethnic, bohemian feel so tassel earrings would compliment the energy.

This is not the gift for the conservative Evve Girl in your life. But, if you know a woman who likes to take some fashion risks, this pairing is an ideal gift. She’ll be the center of attention at brunch or happy hour.

Happy Holidays from Evve!

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