Introduction to the EvvE Milano Brand

New York has often been called “the Capital of the World” and few people would argue against this. Italy, Bel Paese, is the heartbeat of Europe and the sturdy root of the Old World. Perhaps there is no better bridge between the two—the Old World and the New—than fashion.

EVVE has sought to reinforce that bridge with its unique and sophisticated take on fashion—refined handbags that compliment the female form and venerate the facets of femininity. EVVE is the marriage of beauty and practicality and an acknowledgement of the necessity of ergonomics and function with catwalk-ready textiles and design.   

EVVE seeks to embrace the modern woman with our distinguished bags. From our Crossbody Wonders, which keep her organized, to our versatile totes and shoulder bags that look as magnificent on her in the day as they do when the sun goes down. Suffice it to say, we’ve produced the ultimate line of bags for the woman both on the go and in repose.  

I felt it was time to reach out to every woman in the world and tell her how beautiful she is. EVVE is you and you are EVVE. To all of you, I offer this brand like a flower.”

- Nick Peyronneau
   Founder & CEO


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