Spring Collection ‘18: Interview with Evve-Milano CEO and Founder, Nick Peyronneau

In 2017, Evve-Milano rose from the realm of dream into a beautiful reality. Our catalog has expanded, we’ve unveiled new designs, and we’re so proud of the loyal base of bag enthusiasts that have discovered our brand.

With spring right around the corner, we’ve just released our latest Spring ‘18 Collection online for purchase.

To learn a little more about this breathtaking collection and Evve’s journey so far, our CEO and Founder, Nick Peyronneau shared his experience and insights from the last year.

Nick Peyronneau on the New Evve Spring Collection

Q: It’s been roughly 6 months since Evve first launched. Before we dive in and talk about the Spring Collection, can you share with us some of the exciting things that happened this past year?

Nick Peyronneau: We now have 10 stores across the US that carry our brand, and the most exciting thing has been the consumer response to our top price-point bags online. Our DNA is embodied within the “rock chic” line caracas and it is our best seller.

We are also getting many bloggers and influencers to review us on a daily basis, I like getting the “ hearts” emoticons from influencers once they receive our bags. The most exciting thing is the love we get back.

Q: How has Evve evolved in the last year since the brand launched and how does your new Spring Collection embody this evolution?

Nick Peyronneau: Our evolution is an Evve-olution :) towards representing a woman who feels good about being in her own skin “ as she is”  as opposed to chasing a dream. We’ve come to realize that nature is our teacher, we must slow down in life and listen deeply, not push any river or be in conflict with anything, but live from a deeper state. Look at the new campaign, you will see that our art director Antonio has totally represented the earth as a safe and life-teeming background from which the EVVE spring emerges, which Julie Furman so perfectly embodies. All our images and campaign images have a story to tell, it is coded in very subtle symbols...look deeply and find the code!

Q: Are there any new trends or styles Evve has been experimenting with in the new collection?

Nick Peyronneau: Not new trends but but rather the confirmation that our DNA is valid through any trend, Evve aims to be beyond fashion.

Q: What was the biggest inspiration behind the Spring ’18 Collection?

Nick Peyronneau: My inspiration is nature, the feeling of fullness and freedom it gives us, at the same time it is real and you can’t cheat, that’s what Evve is about. You can carry that state of mind into the city, show your edge and be real. Be rock, be chic, and be real.

Q: As a brand which has its home in both Italy and America, how has this multi-national blend of culture and attitude affected the aesthetic of Evve bags?

Nick Peyronneau: It forces us to think global and transversal. We can’t make 2 collection for 2 continents, with a few differences, it is the same product, message and state of mind. It has taken years to synthetize knowledge, details and creative vision into Evve. I can say that we have managed to do it!

Q: Many of the Evve bags have a totally unique look that’s both edgy and classy. Where does this come from?

Nick Peyronneau: It comes from perhaps what I would like a lady to wear when I take her on a date (laugh).

Honestly it comes from organic growth, a natural process after supplying dozens of brands worldwide with our designs and production power, it matured within us and came out as such.

Not everything can be explained...there is some mystery in it.

Q: What’s next for Evve? What hopes and aspirations do you have for the brand?

Nick Peyronneau: I want more boutiques to carry us. We will be present at some major trade shows this year, and we have a real public relation plan in New York to broadcast our brand and message through web, video and printed editorials.

I aspire to engage people on a real level, we are real people talking and expressing our talent to other people, it is quite different from the aloof image that luxury brands project, yet our product is the top level in vegan bags. I want this new way to make fashion come across as a new force in the market.

Thank you.

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