10 Must-Know Fashion Trends for 2018 [Stay Fashion Forward!]

In spring, we move our clocks forward one hour, but we should also use the vernal equinox to spring forward fashion-wise as well.

After months of hiding under winter coats and ugly holiday sweaters, spring gives us the chance to strut our stuff with the hottest fashion trends of the season.

By adding just a few of these fashion trends to our wardrobe, we can turn any sidewalk or grocery store aisle into our own personal runway.

Western Wear

Unless you work on a ranch, you don’t want to look like an actual cowgirl. Too many pieces worn at once and you’ll turn “How the West was Won” into “How the West was Lost.”

Cowboy boots are the best way to pull off this look. They can be worn with jeans or skirts and have the added benefit of being super comfy.

The Evve Milano BOTTICELLI TOTE is the perfect bag to pull this look together.

Vegan handbags - BOTTICELLI Tote


If you grew up with Barney the Dinosaur, you may not think of purple as being particularly fashionable. But the color will be everywhere in 2018.

From lavender to violet to plum, this traditionally royal color has found its way to the masses.

The monochromatic look is also in style, so you could do purple from head to toe. However, one purple item per outfit may be the best way to go.


Big, bold designer logos are back so, expect to be a walking billboard this year.

If you don’t mind Versace across your chest or Gucci on your bum, then take out your Evve MODIGLIANI Wallet and purchase a few pieces from your favorite designer.

wallet with logo

Trench Coats

Flashers have given trench coats a bad name. But this classic outer garment should be in every woman’s closet.

In 2018, the trench coat style is bolder than in years past. The shape is more deconstructionist and less 1940’s detective.

The Evve JANE Crossbody would look great with a neutral trench.

Vegan handbags - JANE Crossbody

Polka Dots

We don’t normally think of Minnie Mouse as being a fashion icon, but she’ll be right in style this year with her legendary polka dots.

With polka dots, less is more. In fact, the smaller the print the less cutesy you’ll look.

A polka dot scarf is an inexpensive way to add this trend to any outfit.

Pencil Skirts

Just try to find a woman—or a man—who doesn’t look good in a pencil skirt.

The 2018 pencil skirt is a bit longer, making it even more flattering. It pairs well with flats, heels or boots and will be one of those garments you’ll wear even when it’s declared out of style.

The Evve MATISSE Satchel is the perfect chic accessory for any pencil skirt.

pencil skirt accessory


This one-piece outfit can never stay out of style for very long. Just when we’ve donated our last jumpsuit to our favorite thrift store, a designer decides to send a new version down the runway.

Jumpsuits are popular because they are easy to wear, and the look is infinitely changeable with just a few accessories.

Just make sure you don’t buy one in orange or you’ll look like an escaped prisoner.


Fringe is no longer on the fashion fringes. From shirts to skirts, fringe gives an outfit movement and a sense of playfulness.

The look, however, can easily cross over to costume-y if overdone. Think Liberace or Daniel Boone.

The Evve DETROIT Tote has a bit of fringe so you can easily add this trend to your everyday wardrobe.

handbag with fringe

Vintage Florals

A vintage floral dress and a pair of flats or sandals is all you really need for a beautiful weekend day. If you’re meeting Heathcliff for brunch (the Emily Bronte character, not the wisecracking cat) all the better.

The Evve CARACAS Shoulder Bag in sand would add an edgy touch and keep you from looking like Laura Ingalls.

vintage handbag


Glitter is one of those looks that goes from nighttime to… nighttime. Sparkly is difficult to pull off during the day. Wear a glittery dress at 9 AM and people will think you’ve been out all night.

But nothing says “party” like sequins so it is perfect for a night on the town.

During the day, a glittery belt is a great way to work in the look while going to work.

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