5 Incredible Evve Handbags for Your Perfect Fall Look

It’s finally the fall, and that means it’s time to change out your bag! There are some incredible bag trends this autumn that we can’t wait to try. From statement straps to oversized bags and the vintage look, there’s a fall handbag trend that’s perfect for everyone.

At Evve Handbags, we’re all about being trendy and practical. After all, beauty and function should go hand-in-hand when it comes to your purse. So, our collection of bags not only fits the latest and greatest “ins” of the season, but they also work for everyday use.

If you’re ready for a new bag, we’ve picked out our top five Evve handbags that match this fall’s latest fashion trends. 

Statement Straps

As the weather gets cooler and we begin to wear jackets and layers, it’s the small details that really matter. That’s why one of the biggest trends this fall is a bag with a statement strap. You see these statement straps from all the biggest designers such as Mulberry, Alexander Wang, and Evve Handbags. Just take a look at our Signorini Shoulder Bag.

This Evve handbag says, “I’m sassy and useful” with a bright teal faux python strap and matching heart-shaped charm. The heart shaped charm is functional and can be used as a removable “coin” pouch. 

Made of 100% vegan leather, it’s environmentally friendly while still looking like something you could have picked up on the runway. 

Micro Bags 

Another “in” handbag is the micro bag. These bags aren’t about what you can carry, but using your handbag as a fashion statement similar to a piece of jewelry. You’ll see these adorable and fun micro bags from designers such as Fendi, Coach, and Tory Burch. And, don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect Evve handbags edition: the Lichtenstein Wristlet.

This wristlet is fun, funky, and practical. It features metal appliques and patches for a laid-back look that’s perfect for a night out on the town or a quick lunch. Plus, unlike some other micro bags, it can actually hold quite a few items including your makeup, wallet, and a few other essentials. 

Oversized Bags

On the other end of the spectrum, fall 2017 is all about going big. Oversized bags that allow you to pack everything you could need for a long weekend or a busy day at the office are extremely trendy. In particular, we love these bags because they give us so much freedom to take everything with us no matter where we’re headed. The perfect example is our Sprouse Tote

Unlike some oversized bags, the Sprouse Tote knows the fine line you have to walk between large and “Oh my gosh, are you carrying your entire house?” It’s a highly versatile bag made of gorgeous vegan leather with an intricate chain and eyelet design on the front. Designed in neutral shades, it also matches the fall pallet where “nudes” are a must-have.

Architectural Bags

Just like with the fall clothing trends, structure is “in” when it comes to bags. To match the trend, you want a bag that embraces architecture with sharp edges and innovative shapes. Designers such as Chloé, Dior, and Gabriela Hearst all jumped on this trend. And that’s why you’ll love so many Evve handbags including the Dali Crossbody

How often do you run across a burgundy, vegan leather bag that has a very pronounced square shape?

Not that often. So, when you see one, you have to snap it up. 

The Dali Crossbody is decorated with interlacing and ethnic studs for a unique charm that will stand out in the crowd. And thanks to its architectural design, this handbag will always stand upright making it easy to get into and out of whenever you want.

Vintage Treasure 

Vegan handbags - JANE Crossbody

Finally, fall 2017 is all about going vintage and showing off a handbag that would have made your grandmother proud. The key to a good vintage bag is the “old world” look with a few new tweaks and pieces of interest. For that reason, the Jane Crossbody is a must-have! 

Its classic black, quilted pattern says, “I’m a lady with class and style.” But what really makes the bag are the details, which present a new twist on vintage. From the heart-shaped charm to floral quilting and charming metal buckle, it’s all the little things that count. 

This Evve handbag is one that you could buy now and use for years to come, and it would never go out of style. It’s a classic.

Do you have a favorite look this fall? Let us know in the comments, and you could see a new Evve handbag that matches your idea on our website!

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